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Australian Native Plants

Leptospernum Pink Cascade with butterflies

Mullum Creek Native Nursery grows and sells the largest range of Australian native plants in the Byron Shire.

Hedging and Screening

Lilly Pillys are great quality and the most effective plants for screening. We stock over 15 varieties including Resilience, Cascade, Superior, Firescreen and Allyn Magic. They range from 1 metre to 6 metre shrubs. There are different pot sizes 140mm pots, 200mm pots and 300mm pots to suit every price range and requirement.

Ground covers and Climbers

We stock and large range of ground covers including the popular Cousin It, bright Flowering Scaevola, Native Daisies, Paper Daisies, Dampiera and Grevillias, to name a few.

Bush Tucker

Enjoy using Bush tucker plants in the kitchen with their fresh unique flavours.  In the nursery there is Lemon Myrtle, Cinnamon Myrtle, Aniseed Myrtle, Wild Currant, Finger Lime and Australian Lime.


We stock a massive range of shrubs including Grevilleas, Banksias, Bottlebrushes, Leptospermums, Emu Bush, Boronia and the wonderful Waratahs, to name a few. Attract the birds and bees to your garden by planting a wide variety flowering plants.


Create a mass planting with our stunning dwarf grasses. Our popular varieties are Lomandra Lime Tuff, Verday, Lemon Fizz, Blue Ridge and Little Cons. Or for something a little different try the graceful Common Tussock Grass. Lomandra longifolia and hystrix are a cost effective for bank stabilization.

Flowering Ornamental Trees

Get the Wow factor with our gorgeous ornamental trees such as Hibiscus rubrum, Ivory Curl, Little Evodia and Golden Penda, to name a few.

Rainforest Trees

We grow top quality local rainforest tubestock. By planting out your property with local rainforest trees  you are leaving a wonderful legacy for future generations!

Koala Trees

Keep the koalas happy by planting their local food trees. At Mullum Creek Nursery we have supplied more than 100,000 Eucalypts for koala plantings.
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