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Food Plants and Bush Tucker

What could be better than planting Natives for the environment and growing your own food?


Food and Forest

Mullum Creek Native Nursery has expanded into growing and supplying food plants. The “Food and Forest” concept is something that we at Mullum Creek Nursery are very passionate about. And what a range! There are many varieties of Citrus trees including Dwarf Citrus to choose from.

We also stock a large range of Bush Tucker plants. Lemon Myrtle is our favourite. Aniseed and Cinnamon Myrtle are also popular. We have Finger Limes, Davidson’s Plums, Midjum Berry and much more.

Why not grow some figs, put a passionfruit along the fence, pick your own blueberries, pickle your own olives, create a Middle Eastern recipe with pomegranates, get your fingers stained by mulberries, and share some of your excess mangoes with family, friends and even your neighbours. There’s nothing like walking around the garden and eating the fruits of your labour. Your kid’s will love it too.

Come on out and take a look at our range and talk to our friendly staff.

Passionfruit plants
finger limes