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Over 300 varieties of tubestock available. Click on the link below for our full stock list.

Mullum Creek Native Nursery has a huge range of quality, sun hardy tubestock ready for planting. Click on the link below to see our current range. Brad has been busy propagating hundreds of great varieties of Native and a few bush friendly exotic species from seeds, cuttings and division.

Click on the link below to check out out range of tubestock.

Tubestock list

When you have large areas to plant out tubestock is the most cost effective way to purchase and plant large numbers of plants. Plus, they are easier to plant as they only need a small planting hole, require less water to establish and are easier to manage than larger pot sizes. So, whether you are planting a revegatation project or just filling in a few gaps in the garden, tubestock is the go!

butterfly on grass tree flower
Plants Hardenbergia-violacea-vine-(false-sarsaparilla)2