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Food Plant Clearance 

Up To 75% off


$5.00 fruit trees! Never to be repeated. Huge range available. Come in soon for your bargains!

$5.00 Super Specials

Dwarf Mulberries, Olives, Grapes and Feijoa were $19.95 now $5.00. Papayas (Red Paw Paw), Passionfruit, Figs, Bay Tree, Coffee, in 140mm pots were $12.95 now $5.00. Until sold.

Limited range of advanced stock
75% off

Huge Mangoes, Jackfruit, Dwarf Mulberry, Plum, Figs in 300mm pots were $49.95 now $20.00. Black Sapote were $39.95 now $20.00. Large Pomegranate in 200mm pots were $35.00 now $20.00. Mango, Starfruit and Lemon in 400mm pots were $79.95 now $30.00.

Bush Tucker

Local seed grown Finger Limes in 200mm pots were $29.95 now $15.00 and in 140mm pots were $19.95 now $10.00. Native Raspberry, Native Mulberry and Davidsons Plum in 140mm pots were $12.95 now $5.00. 

Half Price Specials

Blueberries and Pomegranate in 140mm pots were $19.95 now only $10.00.

Citrus Clearance!

Citrus were  $29.95 now $20.00. Oranges, Mandarins, Limes, etc
Dwarf Citrus were $39.95 now $10.00. Limited.


Low chill Peaches, Nectarines, Apple. Blood Plum, Pear and Persimmons were $39.95 now $20.00.